We have simplified the processing of payroll to the extent, where once the initial set-up is carried out (free of charge), all you need to do is advise us of any changes (if on a fixed salary) or hours worked (if paid by the hour) and any other changes that may have incurred during the pay period, either by email or fax prior to the processing date.

Once we have processed the payroll we can then email the payroll summary documents and payslips directly to you, usually the same or next day. You are then able to print the documents on your own premises. Alternatively, we can fax the summary documents to you and then forward the summary documents and payslips by post.

There are two summary documents, the first will show you details of the gross pay, any deductions for tax and national insurance etc and the net pay. The second will show you details of the tax and national insurance that will be payable to the Inland Revenue by the 19th of each month.

ANNUAL PAYE SUBMISSION (Previously called P35)

We will complete your Annual PAYE Return (P35) and P60's on your behalf at the end of the tax year. The annual PAYE submission will be submitted online to the Inland Revenue.


We can carry out all your auto enrolment duties required by The Pensions Regulator including assessing your employees, supplying all the required legal letters to you for your employees, calculating pension contributions, submitting your contributions data to your pension provider e.g. NEST and completing your declaration to The Pensions Regulator.


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